Private-Eye WiFi camera in smoke sensor


Smoke sensor with WiFi IP camera and integrated battery is the ideal product for guarding corridors, cellars, offices or warehouses . 
With an integrated high-capacity battery and motion sensor, the hidden camera can last up to 15 days! There is no need to bring any cables to the sensor , and installation is very simple and fast.
The camera is equipped with a super fast activation feature. Recording is activated for 2 seconds after motion detection. Mobile notifications will usually be received in less than 45 seconds from object intrusion.
  • record in HD resolution
  • up to 15 days of motion detection (PIR) or up to 20 hours of continuous recording
  • Simple installation without cables
  • motion detection recording mode using PIR / continuous recording
  • simple smartphone application control
  • wide angle of view (140 °)
  • diode switch off via smartphone application
  • the camera scans vertically
The UltraLive product range is characterized by a very long battery life and is hardly looking for comparisons in its category. 

Extra long stamina

The UltraLife WiFi camera in the smoke sensor lasts for up to 15 days from its own battery.

Remote monitoring over a mobile phone

Watch your subject from anywhere. Just connect your camera to your local WiFi network, which will allow you to transfer the image over the Internet for an unlimited distance.Download the app from Google Play or the App Story, where you can easily view and change the camera's image.

                                                                                   Very wide angle of view

With a 140 ° angle of view, the hidden camera will scan the entire room without any problems. Ordinary minikamers with a pinhole lens do not reach even half the width of the shot as a Secutron UltraLife WiFi camera in a smoke sensor.

Super fast activation 

The smoke sensor uses a state-of-the-art camera module that takes up to 2 seconds to activate and start recording from PIR mode (economy motion detection mode). 
Your WiFi connection takes less than 45 seconds, during which you also receive a notification about your mobile phone.

Motion Detection with PIR Sensor

Thanks to an integrated PIR sensor, the camera has very little power in motion detection mode. Camera performance per charge reaches up to 15 days .

Fast installation without cable managementFast assembly without screwdriving and cable guide 

You can easily install the smoke sensor using the attached 3M Dual Lock Velcro fasteners found inside the package.

Sample from smartphone app

Application menu

Add a new camera

Application menu


Package contents:
  • Secutron UltraLife WiFi camera in smoke sensor
  • remote control
  • 9000mAh battery
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