Lawmate CMD-BU13LX camera


CMD-BU13LX is a new high end digital covert surveillance camera from Lawmate.
It is also first Lawmate camera that is compatible with new Lawmate flagship DVR PV-500 EVO2.
Largest improvement that camera brings is ability to record high quality video in low light settings.

Main CMD-BU13LX features include.:
  • Able to reproduce colour video in low light conditions
  • 800+ TVLine video resolution
  • WDR function 
  • Integrated AGC microphone
  • Powered by the PV-500 EVO2 recorder
Full specifications:

Video resolution: >800 TV Line
Pixel size: 3.75um(H) * 3.75um(V)
Digital picture resolution: 1280X720
Video System: NTCS and PAL
Built-in image sensor: Progressive 1/3 inch Sony CMOS
Illumination Sensitivity: 0.03 Lux/F2.0 (50IRE)
Lens F/No: F2.0
Lens Diameter: 4.3 mm
Angle of View: 78 °
Depth of Field: 50 cm ~ ∞
Electronic Shutter: 1/8 ~ 1/30.000
Video Output: RAW Data
Audio Output: 2 Vp-p (MAX) 10 KHz ohms Impedance
A.G.C:. >52 dB (AGC Off)
S/N Ratio: 36 dB(MAX)
Power Supply Voltage: DC 3.3 V +/- 5%
Power Supply Current: 200 mA
Operating Temperature: -10℃ ~ 60℃
Operating Humidity: 20 ~ 90%
Storage Temperature:-30℃ ~ 80℃
Dimension: 30X30X20 mm
Weight: 10 g

Feature focus:

Low lux colour recording

Main new feature of the CMD-BU13LX compared to previous model CMD-BU13 is ability to record very low lux recordings. Which means even in areas where there is very little or no light the camera performs very well.

Also when it comes to CMD-BU13LX, most modern low lux cameras will resort to B&W recording in order to create more clear low light image however CMD-BU13 LX is able to maintain coloured video far into the low light conditions almost all the way to the complete darkness.

A feature professionals will know to appreciate the most.

Image comparison (evening setting)

800 TV Line

800 TVLine is a appreciated resolution even when it comes to far larger CCTV equipment. However when it comes to small pinhole cameras for covert purposes, 800 TVLine resolution as is present in CMD-BU13lx is currently unique to Lawmate cameras. 

CMD-BU13LX will generate more detailed and clearer image then 400, 550 or 700 TVLine cameras.

Button/Screw set adaptation

CMD-BU13LX is a pinhole camera with standard 3 different button and 2 fake screws sets that are applied at the top of the camera for covert uses. Together with each button and screw type as part of standard accessories 4 pieces of real buttons and screws for every type is provided.

Standard CMD-BU13LX button and screws set

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Sensor

Same as the previous model CMD-BU13, CMD-BU13LX has an integrated WDR function that performs even better. 

Why is WDR function important ?

Often times there will be strong (or at least uneven) source of light somewhere in camera field of view. In such cases most cameras will usually try to adapt the whole image to match the uneven lightning on the video which will produce results where only part of the image will be adequately visible while other parts will be either too dark or too light.

What the WDR function on a camera such as CMD-BU13LX do is even out the lightning in all of the image allowing user to see all parts of image much more clearly regardless of how much light is present at any part of the picture.

For example: A car registration between 2 strong front lights in the evening becomes visible and so does the face of the person when there is sun somewhere in the background.

Read more about WDR camera function here

Built in AGC (Automatic Gain Control) microphone

AGC microphone featured in CMD-BU13LX is microphone that adopts to the volume of noise in the area. So if the area is very loud AGC microphone will lower its sensitivity and where there is very little noise or sound it will raise its sensitivity in order to produce better audio recordings.

For a simple review of CMD-BU13LX function feel free to download CMD-BU13LX full specifications and quick manual below.

6 months warranty.

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