Spy Voice Recorder


Top recorder in a flash drive with an extremely durable and high-quality sound.
Dictaphone is very well camouflaged and is indistinguishable from an ordinary flash drive. The recorder has a Voice Activity Detection mode, which lasts up to an incredible 25 days on a single charge! Flash disk can be worn attached to the keys and have it ready as ever for hidden recording. WHERE TO  BUY

  • Dictaphone in discrete flash drive
  • voice activation mode
  • extremely long life when voice detection (up to 25 days)
  • up to 15 hours of continuous recording
  • high quality audio recording
  • recording sounds from a distance of up to 10 meters
  • all products of a series of EXCLUSIVE extended warranty for one year free
Voice Recorder is able to automatically adjust distance and the volume of the noise source. Because you can hear everything clearly whether the speaker away 1 or 10 meters from the recorder.
Extremely long battery life when detecting voice 
when voice detection, flash disk EXCLUSIVE lasts up to 25 days! In continuous recording lasts recorder to record up to 15 hours.
Example: If the recorder is recorded after 15 days in your neighborhood noise battery lasts own record for 5 hours.
Please note: with this recorder can not be like other voice recorders in the flash drive to set the file creation date (record)
Flash disk recorder EXCLUSIVE offers unrivaled best price / performance ratio of all dictation from our offer. As for sound quality and endurance record is concerned, so this recorder can amount is several times more expensive professional dictation.
In addition to perfect recording parameters recording, the recorder is very well disguised and looks like a completely normal flash drive.
Package contents:
  • diktafon flash disk EXCLUSIVE
  • English User Manual

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